Oca Hoeflein Creator of Discover the Gorge

Third Row Productions is the creation of film maker Oca Hoeflein. His love of filmmaking started with home movies of his children 10 years ago. Over the last 6 years his skills have produced some fairly major production family movies including the Five Iron Frenzy Blue Comb Video and 2007 family video Back to the Eighties loosly based on Back to the Future and his first run-in with his wife Tracy.

From home movies to local television Oca has produced several programs for local television stations and news outlets. His video work shooting local news and weather events appear with some regularity on local news broadcasts as well. Including being featured on KATU news for happening upon the fire at the Stevenson lumber mill while filming Discover the Gorge in the fall of 2007.

The decision to make a video on the Columbia River gorge started back in late 2006. With family in the Gorge and regular monthly trips for business, the area quickly became a second home. With the new video gear in hand by early 2007 the project was underway.

From the beginning the project was also to include some of the great still photography he had taken. He'd been collecting great photos of the Gorge for years but when the desire turned into an a bit of an obession he turned to technology to help him capture incredible images even when he wasn't there.

Starting the spring of 2007 Oca began shooting what would become the Gorge in Fast forward incredible time-lapse photography short film that is included in Discover the Gorge. Originally envisioned as just a means to capture pictures of stars overnight he quickly realized that the long sequences of photos, over 4000 a day, were incredible videos if strung together at 30 frames per second. Clouds and scenery that either didn't appear to be moving at all when sped up created incredible fluid motion. The rotation of the earth becomes obvious when the night sky is sped up to 6 minutes every second. This collection of work can be found in Discover the Gorge in the Gorge in Fast forward section.

If you are at all a fan of the Columbia River Gorge this video is very informatitve and includes features on many of the best places to visit as well as offering the incredible Gorge in Fast forward. A window in to the gorge Gorge like no one has ever captured it.

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